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How to Export Mulching film

Agriculture fields will become drier and there will be a natural increase in demand for water because of climate change and rising temperatures. One of the most beneficial indirect agricultural inputs that have the potential to transform Indian farming methods and support sustainable agricultural practices is plastic culture applications like Agri-mulch film.

 A valuable and adaptable complement to agricultural production, premium mulch can support healthy crop yields. Growit offers premium GROW 6 Mulch Film to shield vegetable crops from pests and weeds and assist boost crop yields. For your crops, Growit India Pvt Ltd offers premium mulch film. On this core, we gain our customers’ trust by enhancing their businesses and ensuring superior product quality. To enhance customer satisfaction, providers at Growit offer technical assistance, training, and after-sales support.

Thickness: GROW 6 Warranty up to 6 Months

  • Colour: Silver/black, White/black, Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Green/Black.
  • Width: 2.5 FT,3 FT,3.3 FT,4 FT
  • Length: 400 M, 800 M
  • Packaging: packaged in bundles of 2 mulch film rolls.
  • Crop: Vegetables
  • Tensile strength at break: Yes


  • Reflect UV rays: help regulate soil temperature, protect plants
  • 100% Virgin raw material
  • Different colour: Mulch film color can vary depending on the type of crop also affect on weed and pest growth.
  • Pre Hole Pattern: no of plant population/acre increases
  • High grade packaging
  • UV stabilized: UV stabilized mulch film can improve to improve crop yields and soil health.  
  • Highly Pesticide and sulphur resistance -Resist the corrosive effects of pesticides and sulphur-based fertilizers. 


  • Water conservation: The film can help to maintain soil moisture by preventing evaporation, reducing the need for irrigation.
  • Protect from Insect: Mulch film acts as a barrier to pests, reducing pesticide use.
  • Zero light transmission: Blocking sunlight prevents weed growth, reducing manual weeding and herbicide use.
  • Prevent Soil Erosion: Prevents soil erosion by wind and rain.
  • Protect roots from heavy sunlight


  • Increase in yield by 30-50%
  • Better Crop quality – Enhance quality of produce with clean crops
  • Higher return on investment- Mulch film increases crop yields and improves fruit quality, leading to higher market prices.  
  • Export Opportunities: Mulch film helps to increases quality of produce.  



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