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How to Export Handicraft Box & Tray

Do you ever have questions in your mind as to how to sell in the international markets? What are the prerequisites for international sales of handicrafts? What are the documents necessary to deal in exports of handicrafts?

We’ve got your back and have the answer to all your questions. So, let’s get started!
All you have to do is have legal documents like PAN (Permanent Account Number) and IEC Number (Import Export Code) in place to proceed with international exports.

Today, many online platforms allow setting up your shop on an e-commerce platform while also providing complete listing support so that you can quickly sell your handicrafts and handmade products all over the world. You can register yourself with the help of such platforms, and Voila! You are now an international seller of Indian handicrafts and handmade goods.

By registering online on such platforms, you can sell your handicrafts products and tap many markets like the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa and many more countries. The world is a global village, and to survive, one must use to the advantage the best possible options available and indulge in the online export of Indian handicrafts.

It is now possible to sell Indian handicrafts overseas on the go to a global customer base and connect with buyers worldwide. You are not even required to invest any sum of money and have your documents for exports in place, to begin with. It is now possible for you to reach your customers around the globe with the help of online platforms and sell practically anywhere in the world.

So whether you are a seller of handicrafts products like home décor items, wall hangings, unique and customized gift items, fine art, vintage design items, and other artisanal products, all you have to do is register quickly.



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