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How to export anti vibration pads ?

Why vibration isolation?

The development of housing, transportation, and industry are all interacting more and more. Vibrations and noise from the area cause limitations.

Which problems occur?

Without the proper safeguards, sensitive components, machineries, foundations for equipment, and buildings are defenseless against vibrations from their immediate surroundings. Buildings or industrial facilities may also experience unwanted or impermissibly powerful vibrations. Due to the stimulation of structural components like walls or ceilings, secondary airborne noise also rises.


Vtc-India: provides great protection against shock and vibration by Vtc India . This advanced Pur elastomer can be used as an area mat that isolates the structural components, as cut sections that match the geometry of the individual structural components, or as a custom-made moulded part. We can provide you with a comprehensive selection of 13 standard materials as well as the resources for the fabrication of unique types in a range of colors and thicknesses in accordance with your needs.

Facilities for receptor and source isolation

There is a distinction between receptor and source isolation in vibration technology. As a general rule, actions can be taken against the source of the interference (rail operations, industrial facility), for instance by using mass-spring systems, ballast mats, or separating machine foundations. Vibration isolation is also possible at the receptor (structures adjacent to railroad tracks, precise machinery used in manufacturing), for instance by suspending buildings or isolating particular rooms or levels of buildings, as well as through the foundations of machines. Source isolation is typically far more effective, but it is not always possible to do so after the fact.

Benefits of vibration isolation

For buildings: Increased building market value, improved quality of life and productivity, and future-proof solutions for the anticipated rise in comfort needs are all benefits of reliable vibration protection of the building or building section from external interference sources and their vibrations (see footfall sound isolation).

For machines: isolation against disruptive machine vibrations, higher precision performance, less wear, longer machine service life, better working conditions.

For machines and industrial components: The advantages might be numerous; for instance, equipment or parts may operate more quietly, produce with less wear, and at the same time, become more durable and resistant to chemicals and oils. As a high-quality seal or as a structural component tolerance compensator with very high resilience, purasys vibrafoam can be helpful.

For railway lines: Our products provide more elasticity in railway infrastructure. This results in a longer lifespan for the railway routes, reduction of maintenance costs, less wear, higher track position stability and more comfort for passengers and residents.



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