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Saree Export From India In 2023

How to start saree export business from India?

To start exporting sarees from India, you would need a requisite license(IEC) in order to trade a large number of sarees to different countries. You would need to work with different multiple saree manufacturers who will help you to create a range of variety in the stock. Manufacturers from all over the country can be contacted to expand your reach and promote various Indian styles of sarees.

– After getting an IEC code from the ministry of commerce and trade, you can start contacting saree manufacturers within India to get you started with the stock of sarees you will export from India.

– Now start researching among different style of sarees for the demand you will supply. Research over the demand in different foreign markets and choose accordingly which lot of sarees you will export to maximize your profits.

Which sarees to export from India?

In India, different regional cultures have different prevalent styles of sarees that are the soul of the Indian saree market. Saree exporters in India are known for having an extremely extensive collection of garments. Some of the most popular styles of sarees that are exported abroad are the Banarasi sarees. These are made of fine silk with pure gold or pure silver zari work conducted on it, depending on the design and color of the fabric itself.

How to display sarees to your clients?

In case you are planning to open an online presence of saree export business, you would need a good pretty catalog to display your sarees to your client. For this you would need a model photoshoot which is generally too expensive and time consuming.
A cost effective alternative is to use Winasia Global Ventures LLP that will drape your sarees onto a model and will give you photorealistic display images in 2 minutes. The software is a wonder for sellers across the world to display sarees onto a model without time consuming expensive model photoshoot.


The saree export industry is quite vast and opportunistically advantageous. Due to the high demand for this ethnic garment of saree, people all over the world generate a global demand for saree exporters across the world. Thus it is a trending and profitable business channel for saree exporters across the globe, especially India, which is the home to several traditional styles of production that contributes to our innate culture of ethnic and traditional saree wear.



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