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why automobile components are important

A vehicle is made up of many complex parts that increase their efficiency and durability. Some components are very crucial and must-have for every car. However, these components need regular maintenance and timely replacement. Automobile parts are manufactured all over the globe with great precision and with advanced technological methods.

1. Chassis

The chassis of an automobile incorporates all the major assemblies consisting of an engine, components of transmission system such as clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, axles, a control system such as brakes and steering, and suspension system of the vehicle.

2. Engine

The engine is the source of motive power to an automobile. Obviously, it is a very important part of the automobile because in the absence of an engine, the automobile may not move at all, and its basic function of transporting passengers or goods would be defeated. The power of the engine determines the working of the automobile. In the same manner, the efficiency of the engine determines the efficiency of an automobile.

3.      Transmission System

The transmission system transmits power developed by the engine to the road wheels. The power available as output from the engine is in the form of rotation of the crankshaft.

i.  Clutch

ii.  Gearbox

4.      The Body

The use of a separate frame to which the body structure is attached is now almost obsolete except for some applications for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Many heavy vehicles now use ‘sub-frames’ of simple construction to which the engine and gearbox are attached. The sub-frame is supported on the mainframe and is fixed on it through some suitable rubber connections to isolate the engine vibrations.

i. The steering system

ii. Braking system or brakes



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