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Uses to crop cover and fruit cover

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The farming community has benefited from a wide range of additional amenities thanks to modern farming. Crop protection from insects, wind, rain, and sunburn is a constant worry. Crop cover non-woven fabric shields plants from pests, wind, rain, and sunburn while also retaining heat from the sun on warm days, shielding them from sudden drops in temperature, lowering the incidence of aphids, preventing the spread of root maggots, and extending the growing season into the late fall through camouflage.

Numerous crops and herbs have benefited greatly from these needs in terms of growth, output, and protection. It functions by accelerating seedlings’ growth, development, and nutritional value. By restricting hemp growth and offering insect defense, the need of pesticides and herbicides is reduced. It is frequently discussed that UV-fiber crop cover non-woven fabric could take the place of a number of today’s widely used synthetic materials, which are becoming less eco-friendly.

Manufacturers of nonwoven crop covers

Favourite Fab manufactures and distributes agricultural nonwoven materials. In terms of supplying the highest quality agricultural nonwoven fabric, we are the industry’s leading name. Agricultural nonwoven material producers produce the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly polymer-based material. These textiles are light in weight and protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • Nonwoven Weed Control Fabric
  • Nonwoven crop cover
  • Nonwoven fruit protection cover
  • Nonwoven plant cover
  • Nonwoven UV treated ground cover
  • Banana fruit cover bags
  • PP ground cover

Agricultural non woven crop cover manufacturers, Favourite Fab offers a nonwoven crop cover with a good finish that is reusable. It comes in a variety of brilliant color variations in addition to an excellent finish.


  • UV protection is available.
  • Without the use of chemicals, they weaken photosynthesis and reduce weed growth.
  • Increase the ground temperature by 3-4°C and keep the heat at a lower ground level.
  • Avoid root and fruit damage with good air permeability.
  • Biodegradable and economical;
  • Keep fertilizer on hand and prevent it from evaporating; effectively combat root disease and insect pests;
  • Reduce irrigation and keep the soil loosened and wet.
  • Allow for early planting, which will increase the number of crop cycles per season and crop yields and revenues.


Farmers nowadays require all assistance possible. Nonwovens may not be able to solve all of their issues, but they can help make some inroads. Crop cover non woven fabric may save the agricultural business in the same manner that they have saved the medical industry (by providing cost-effective techniques to protect everyone from hazardous bacteria). Hence, Gardeners who are content with the duration of the growing season are rare. Crop cover clips, fortunately, can help with the compelling temptation to get out and start planting as soon as feasible. Crop Cover cloth is a valuable tool for all gardeners due to its versatility, low cost, and advantages. The most popular option is the Crop Cover non woven Fabric.



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