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Uses to Brass Turned Components

The Brass Turned Components are used in

  • Automobile industries.
  • Telecommunication industries.
  • Aerospace industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Plastic industries.
  • Electrical industries.
  • Mechanical industries and many others.

Brass Precision Turned Components available include

  • Gas parts
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Cable glands
  • Brass Inserts
  • Sheet metal components
  • Connectors

Things to know about Brass Turned Components and Brass Fittings

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc used for various industry purposes. It is the most commonly and widely used metal for quality product manufacturing. Although they are expensive compared to other type of metals like iron, they still have a wide application, as they are rust resistant and can last long for many years. The brass components manufacturer categorize and grade brass on the basis of quantity of zinc and copper mixture, the quality of brass may differ and they are categorized into grades like ;

  • Alpha beta brass
  • Beta brass
  • Alpha brass

Key properties of Brass turned Components

  • It features heavy tensile strength to get shape quickly and this is one of the main reasons for brass is used in different industrial applications
  • Brass is highly flexible in nature and it is durable too
  • Brass feature minimum frictional content and thus used for making doorknobs, locks, keys, gears and other components
  • Low melting point of brass alloy enables to quickly mold the components into different shapes and accurately without the need for extra thermal force


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