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Our proprietary and classical products

The Role and Advantages of Proprietary Products

Proprietary products litter the technological scene that we live in. These are the products that can only work in a specific device. Many individuals use the products and never think why this disc only works with this media player, or why this film only works in this specific video camera? This article will analyze and compare the advantages many companies gain with the use of proprietary products.

The definition of a proprietary product is defined as an idea or object that is owned entirely by the owner. Proprietary products, ideas and objects are the property of the owner and cannot be recreated without the consent of the owner. Patents are usually involved covering the idea, object and product.

As mentioned earlier proprietary products bring various degrees of advantages for manufacturers. One such benefit is the role of quality control as it applies to the creation of products. When manufacturers are able to control the various steps in the creation of their product, they are able to ensure the best quality possible. This is very important if a company prides itself on excellent quality products. Sony is the perfect example of this. They have created entire products that rely on their own proprietary products. This is extremely beneficial to Sony as they are able to ensure that the products created are the best quality as they are the only ones making it. An example is the creation of their line of memory cards. Asi

Classical Ayurveda

“The composition of classical drugs used in Ayurveda treatments has not changed for over 3,000 years,” says Dr S. Gopakumar, head, Roganidana (Aetiology), Government Ayurveda Medical College (GAMC), Thiruvananthapuram. “Even though many things in our daily use, our ideas and concepts get outdated in our lifetime, classical drugs have stood the test of time.”

de from creating the product themselves, they have granted exclusive licenses to manufacturers who they believe can uphold the quality that Sony has become to be known by.



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