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Oil Immersion Heaters Manufacturers

Oil immersion heaters are electric heating devices designed to heat and maintain the temperature of oil or other liquids in various industrial applications. These heaters are commonly used in processes where maintaining a specific temperature is essential for the proper functioning of machinery, chemical reactions, or other industrial processes. Here are some key characteristics and applications of oil immersion heaters:

Key Characteristics:

Heating Element: The heating element found in most oil immersion heaters is a coiled or tubular element composed of stainless steel or Incoloy. These materials were selected due to their ability to withstand heat and corrosion.

Immersion Depth: The heater’s immersion depth describes the amount of liquid that the heating element is submerged in. To guarantee efficient heating and temperature control, the depth is changed.

Thermostat or Temperature Control: To keep the desired liquid temperature within a certain range, many oil immersion heaters come with a thermostat or other temperature control mechanisms.

Protection Features: To avoid overheating, overpressurization, or running dry, certain immersion heaters come equipped with safety features like pressure relief valves, level sensors, or over-temperature protection.


Industrial Processes: To heat and maintain the temperature of oils and other liquids, oil immersion heaters are utilised in a variety of industrial processes. This is important for sectors like petrochemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

Heating of Oil: These heaters are frequently used to warm oil in pipelines or storage tanks. This keeps the oil from solidifying or becoming overly viscous, making it suitable for pumping, transferring, and other uses.

Heat Transfer Systems: To transfer heat to other areas of the industrial process, immersion heaters are used in systems that use a heated heat transfer fluid, such as thermal oil or heat transfer oil.

Preheating Diesel Fuel: Immersion heaters are used to warm up diesel fuel in cold climates in order to increase flow.

Asphalt and Bitumen Heating :

These heaters are used in the construction sector to keep bitumen or asphalt at the proper temperature for use in roofing and paving applications.

Oil immersion heaters are essential for maintaining the effectiveness and security of a range of industrial operations because they precisely and carefully heat liquids. The particular needs of the application, such as the kind of liquid, temperature range, and ambient factors, are taken into consideration when selecting the type and specifications of the immersion heater. In order to guarantee their efficient and secure functioning, proper installation and maintenance are necessary.



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