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How vermicompost increases soil fertility

Vermicompost stimulates to influence the microbial activity of soil, increases the availability of oxygen, maintains normal soil temperature, increases soil porosity and infiltration of water, improves nutrient content and increases growth, yield and quality of the plant .

How does vermicompost improve the soil fertility?

In fact, vermicompost can enhance soil fertility physically, chemically and biologically. Physically, vermicompost-treated soil has better aeration, porosity, bulk density and water retention. Chemical properties such as pH, electrical conductivity and organic matter content are also improved for better crop yield.

How does vermicast effect soil?

Studies show that amending soil with vermicast causes seeds to germinate more quickly, enhances rate of seedling growth, increases root numbers and biomass, improves root stress tolerance, leads to earlier flowering of plants, and increases plant yields



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