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How to export Fasteners

Fasteners: Vtc-india is an exporter and supplier of stainless steel fasteners of the highest caliber. We are technically skilled and are aware of the requirements for quality. In order to serve as many clients as we can, we also accept demanding requirements. Our wide selection of fasteners comes in a variety of materials, styles, dimensions, and standards. Even though fasteners are relatively tiny parts, these pocket components work marvels. We utilize a variety of common fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, and screws, every day. However, the goal is to export fasteners with distinctive qualities for industrial use. We don’t cut corners throughout any of the export process stages. Fastener designs are not complicated, but threading accuracy sets them apart from the competition.

At Vtc-India, every factor is taken into account, researched, and an appropriate strategy is planned. We welcome customized requests and have standard products in stock. We are able to smoothly respond to shifting needs thanks to comprehensive excellence. The use of premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology eliminates all defects. As a supplier of stainless steel fasteners, consistency has helped us significantly expand. Engineers and specialists with the necessary expertise are the foundation of our business since they enable us to expand successfully.

Types : Industrial Bolts: Stud bolts, wing screw bolts, socket hexagon head screw anchor bolts, j bolts, mushroom head square neck bolts, t-head bolts, eye bolts, foundation bolts, and structural bolts.

Industrial Nuts: Square nuts, Hexagon castle nuts, Hexagon coupling nuts, Hexagon thin nuts, Self-locking nuts, and Hexagon domed cap nuts are examples of hexagon nuts.

Industrial Washers : Simple washers, simple big and tiny washers, heavy-duty spring washers, tooth washers, star washers, and tab washers with one and two tabs.

Industrial Screws : Cheese head slotted screws, pan head slotted screws, hexagon head slotted screws, countersunk raised head slotted screws, and hexagon head screws all have slots in their heads. Countersunk Phillipse Raised Head Screws and Pan Phillipse Head Screws.



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